It’s a sunny Friday morning. Andrew, age 27 – an owner of big eCommerce store sips his hot, freshly brewed coffee. In the meanwhile he browses Internet and makes big plans for the weekend. In another tab Andrew opens a NARLIT platform. At a glance of an eye checks statuses of orders assigned to his suppliers. It’s really cool for him because it’s his vendors who care of updating statuses of the orders. He also takes a look how far his employees are with their work. All good.

Andrew feels a bit awkward deep down in his heart, actually. First time since months he is NOT going through the roof. NOT talking on the phone to suppliers about his orders nervously. NOT searching for e-mails from customers to get information that should be at his fingertips. “Why haven’t it always been like this?” thought Andrew to himself.

Digital Innovation in eCommerce

Digital innovation is changing the business world. To remain competitive in the digital age, every brand must consider themselves a technology business. At its heart, digital transformation is the application of new technologies to existing business problems.

Thinking innovation and e-commerce you probably expect next sophisticated analytics portal that no one knows how to use. Next advertising tool. At least a new manipulation technique that will persuade your visitors to give out their e-mail addresses. No, not this time.

Day to Day Problems of eCommerce

There is a vast selection of eCommerce platforms that support analytics, e-mail marketing, SEO and SEM. At the same time no one seems to care about problems that arise after the order is placed. There are really very many of them. Survey conducted  by Eric Evans & Associates Ltd reports no information on what is happening at suppliers and late delivery as the most frequent ones. The chart below illustrates these findings.

Biggest problems with suppliers.

Transforming Operations of eCommerce

One thing is to know about the problems. The second one is to deal with them. We talked to over 100 eCommerce professionals last months. They helped us identify the most important  business requirements before we prepared an elixir for their pains:

  • Vendors and suppliers  responsible for updating statuses of orders assigned to them

Vendors and suppliers know best whether they received the order. They also have the most information about how far they are with production.

  • Communication between suppliers and eCommerce professionals is easy like Sunday morning

The tool should foster the communication between suppliers and eCommerce professionals. It should be possible to ask questions, add comments or attach pictures. It would be great to have history of all conversations in this one place.

  • Easy-to-use for vendors and suppliers

Vendors and suppliers usually don’t know much about technology. They usually perceive it as an obstacle rather than solution to their problems. The application should be as simple as possible. To illustrate they click the link sent to them, already see the list of orders and set how far they are with them. That’s it.

  • Available on all platforms and devices. No installation of any software required

Ideally Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web application. It should work well on all sorts of operating systems – Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. It should be possible to use the software not only on PCs but first of all on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Fast

Every second counts. It should be faster than vendors, suppliers and eCommerce professionals who use it. The time is the scarcest resource and the solution should respect that.

  • Inexpensive

Let’s be honest that the end goal is to save money and time. Companies usually don’t have piles of money to afford building custom software or applying expensive solutions.

Birth of NARLIT

Taking all of these requirements into consideration the development started. We’ve always been big fans of working in Agile environment. Thus we discussed every single functionality with CEOs of brands that cooperate with vendors to deliver their goods. The process lasted a couple of months. Then after some ups and downs time for an ultimate test has come.

A few weeks before going live I decided to present NARLIT to my brothers. Both of them manufacture and sell furniture to stationary stores and eCommerce shops. We didn’t even finish going through all the functionalities and they started telling me all the situations they experienced in their supply chain. Till today they have processed a few thousands orders with the platform and their lives improved significantly. This simple story illustrates the birth of NARLIT.

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